From:  Bill Walston

To:  You – IF you are tired of watching others make big bucks in real estate while you make little or NOTHING

Do you…

I know what you're up against and I can help…

I know what works.

And I know what doesn't.

I know how to find motivated sellers.

And I know what to say to them once they're found.

I know what it takes to sell a property (to either another investor or to an end buyer).

And, most importantly, I can show YOU how to do this too!

That's why I have created my Business Breakthrough VIP Day, so that you and I can work personally together to build your six figure real estate business.

That's right – I want every single person who works with me personally to do SIX FIGURES this year.

Your Business Breakthrough VIP Day includes…

Strategy Session phone call:  About a week before your VIP Day we’ll have an in-depth phone call. We’ll start your strategy planning on this call and continue when we’re in-person together.

All day session with Bill where we will:  design your lifestyle real estate business, create your seller and buyer websites, develop your marketing plan and materials (such as postcards, flyers and ads), role play conversations with sellers and buyers, practice negotiation techniques, review and revise your contracts and other documents, and much, much more.

Notes, charts, action items and observations captured throught the day

Action plan for the next 30, 60, 90 days

Two follow up calls (30 min) with Bill at 15/30 days following your VIP Day.

Email support for one year following your VIP Day.

(And coffee – lots of coffee!)

Your VIP Day is a Total Immersion Process…

We review your real estate business model and recommend small shifts and key changes to help you create big results fast. Together, we will work to identify what you’re doing right — and where you’re leaving money on the table. Then, we'll brainstorm specific solutions to fix it.

The result?

A new business roadmap that gives you more focus, more momentum, more deals, and more fun.

Like… Right… NOW!

Are YOU a good fit for a Business Breakthrough VIP Day?

A VIP Day isn't right for everybody.  Because we are going to be spending an entire DAY together, you must meet a few requirements.

You are ready for a VIP Day if you…

To be considered for a Business Breakthrough VIP Day, you have to complete a short application.  I'll review the application to make sure the VIP Day is a good fit for your now.

Your Investment:

VIP Full Day (Onsite in-person; Full day; Pre-work; Follow-up): $6000

Once approved, you can pay in full or in 3 payments.  All payments must be made in advance of our VIP Day.

If this investment for PERSONAL, PRIVATE, FULL ACCESS to a real-life real estate investor and business strategist to help you create your own SIX FIGURE real estate business seems like a lot of money to you, consider if you may have spent that kind of money at just ONE pricey “pitch-fest” seminar that promised the world, entertained you, and gave you a few nuggets of info, but really only confused you and then tried to sell you more STUFF once you got there. (Yes, I've been there and done that, too.)

And consider the hundreds of hours of time you will WASTE trying to learn everything on your own — you could spend the next two to three years spinning in circles and not make a dime, or even worse, go into debt from buying more courses or “push button systems” that don’t work or are so overly complex that you can’t or just won’t put them into action.

Obviously this opportunity is NOT for everybody. It’s ONLY for those who are SERIOUS about boosting their income PERMANENTLY while building more FREEDOM into their lives. That scares some people, and if you’re one of them, I understand.

And if you think you can’t afford this program, then you’re probably not ready for a VIP Day right now. As I tell my clients and audiences – it's ALWAYS mindset before skill set. 

The Poverty mindset says, “I can't pay for this VIP Day” because all you see are your current struggles while the Entrepreneur mindset says, “I will invest in this VIP Day because all you see are your future achievements…

But if you’re reading all the way down here and getting as EXCITED as I am to offer this opportunity to you, I URGE you to JUMP on this, right now…

Limited spots available – you MUST act quickly…

IMPORTANT: I only schedule a handful of VIP Coaching Days for the year because in addition to my speaking, coaching and mentoring programs I devote extreme attention to my own real estate investing business — so my availability is limited. If you’re ready to commit, the only question left is…

Are YOU ready to blow the doors off “business as usual,” kick some serious butt, make some serious money AND have some serious fun in your business?

I look forward to the possibility of spending an entire DAY with YOU, one on one, working on YOUR real estate business.

If you’re ready to take your take your lifestyle and income to SIX FIGURES, apply here

Don't wait or you may miss out…

Happy investing,


PS – Call me at 423-218-2058 or drop me an email at if you have any questions.