About Bill…


Bill Walston is a highly sought after business and tax strategist and has served families, business owners and investors. Bill is also a real estate investor, mentor and coach. He is dedicated to helping real estate investors build, promote and protect their businessesX_Bill_dever2 and to live a tax deductible lifestyle.

After successfully building an accounting and tax practice, Bill walked away from it to focus on real estate after deciding the profits were better on the other side of the desk. Jumping in with both feet he began working lease options and built the business model which became the base of his real estate investment company.

A master investor and teacher, Bill’s precise and easily duplicated systems for building, promoting and protecting a business have been successfully implemented by his students around the country in competitive markets of all kinds. He believes in freely sharing his expertise and information for the benefit of anyone who is serious about succeeding. His passion is bridging the gap between learning and doing.

Bill holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance and a Masters Degree in Tax Law.