Real Estate Investing and the Turkey Trot…


I know some of you may think I'm off my rocker – but I actually love to run.  It makes me feel good.  And it's GREAT exercise – for both me and the lab Sandi.  (That’s her, over on the right.)  So we do it.  Sometimes even when we don't feel like (that's the exercise part).

Anyway, a few weeks back, on Thanksgiving morning to be exact,  Sandi and I – and over 3000 of our closest friends – ran in the 6th Annual Turkey Trot here in the TN mountains.  As we were “trotting” along, I suddenly had an epiphany.  No, really, I did Smile

Real estate investing and running have a lot in common.  Well, learning how to invest in real estate and learning how to run have a lot in common.  Let me explain…

At first it kicks your butt.

When I first started I knew absolutely nothing about distance running.  I ran track in both high school and college, but this was different.  On my first run I hated it. It was boring!!   Honestly, I'm not even sure why I ran the second day.  It obviously  was NOT love at “first run.”  But, somehow, I put on my running shoes and ran the next day, and the next, and the next.  Now I hardly miss a day of running.

Real estate investing is not that different.  It's a brand new skill; something you've never done before.  You'll have to learn to talk with sellers, and buyers, and TT teeother investors.  You'll need to learn to market – both online and offline.  It will be hard, sometimes discouraging, and frequently frustrating.  You'll definitely be out of your comfort zone – and sometimes you may actually feel like throwing up 🙂

Then it gets easier.

Each day that I ran my body adapted, and it got easier.  I found my stride, learned to pace myself, and actually started having fun.

And real estate investing will get easier too.  Each deal becomes easier to structure.  Each seller or buyer call becomes easier to make.  Each property analysis will take less time.  You'll hit your stride and you'll learn “the art of the deal.”  And you'll start having fun.

Practice makes perfect.

Sometimes an overused cliché, but true none the less.  I try to run at least every other day, rain or shine.  And sometimes snow.  Admittedly, it takes self discipline.

And you will have to be even more disciplined when it comes to your real estate investing.  There are certain tasks that you MUST do EVERY day – without fail.  It is essential that you keep your deal pipeline full.    Make it a point to “practice your craft” day in and day out – rain or shine.

It's all about results.

Running brings me real, tangible results.  I'm healthier; I feel better; I sleep better; I keep that extra weight off.

Real estate investing will also bring you tangible results.  You will generate cash flow; you will be able to use leverage to minimize your own cash outlay; you will reduce your tax liability; you will provide a nice home for someone.  You may even be able to live the life of your dreams.

But results only happen if you keep practicing your craft.  It's all about consistency, determination, and tenacity.  That's the magic formula – use it and you will get the results you desire – in both running and real estate investing.

Leave your thoughts and comments below, I’d love to hear what you think.

And, as always, thanks for reading!