Lease Option Investing: Real Estate’s Best Kept Secret?

It was Rockefeller who said “Own nothing, control everything.” In other words — Don't buy. . . Rent!!

Now I can hear most of you saying, what a crock! What kind of investor would advise anyone to rent instead of becoming an owner? That, of course, would be me.

What if I showed you a way to profit in real estate without large cash deposits; not having to apply for bank loans, no overhead, no maintenance, no taxes, no insurance or home owner fees to pay? You would probably say that I am out of my mind.

Well it's time to learn about what may be the best kept secret in real estate: it's called a Lease Option, also known as “rent to own.” Anyone can control real estate that generates immediate positive cash flow without having to become a real estate expert or by having to look at hundreds of houses. If you understand a simple lease and option to purchase, then you can put together all kinds of profitable real estate transactions with just a newspaper and your cell phone.

Controlling real estate through a lease option is by far the superior method of financing your real estate investments. Using a lease option helps remove the traditional adversarial relationship that exists between buyer and seller and produces greater profits.

In most real estate transactions there is a natural tendency between the buyer and seller to try and one up each other. The buyer wants a lower price; the seller a higher one. Not to mention all the other items that have to be negotiated. Next, all of the difficulties associated with deposits, qualifications, appraisals, title companies, lenders, escrows, lawyers, and on and on and on. Lease option investing eliminates these difficulties and lets the buyer and seller have a win-win experience and get the deal done.

A lease option has everything an you need as an investor to make prudent and profitable investments in real estate. Using small down payments (yes, even just $1.00 down), you can control properties that could require 20% down when using bank financing. And we won't begin to talk about all the hoops you would be expected to jump through.

A good deal will generate you profits in three ways:

Cash now from non-refundable option consideration,

Cash flow from a monthly rent, and

Cash at closing

Controlling properties by lease option is absolutely the best way to be involved in controlling homes in obtaining great cash flow, high profits and minimum risk. Investing by lease option can be the best way to create quick cash flow for the newbie or seasoned investor.

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