How do YOU connect??

So the other day I was in Barnes & Noble (my mobile office) perusing the real estate section when I noticed another patron doing the same.  Seeing a copy of Profit From Real Estate Right Now! in his hand, and being the gregarious guy that I am, I walked over and introduced myself.  Turns out he's a fellow real estate investor.

Now we had a link.

We began sharing info about our business structures and investing strategies.

I find out he owns several rental properties that he wants to get rid of. . .can you say lease option deals????

So we spoke for an hour.  We had lots to talk about.

As we ended our conversation I told my new found friend that we needed to keep in touch and requested his contact info.

His reply . . “Just connect with me on LinkedIn.”

Well duh!!  Why didn't I think of that?  Especially since I connect with folks online on a daily basis.  I've met some of my very best friends online and (so far) we've never even connected in real life.  Perhaps it's because my initial contact with those folks is online first, real life second.  More likely it's because I'm still a bit “old school” and my new “in person” contacts have always ended with an exchange of business cards or some other form of contact information, which I religiously add to my Outlook contacts.  But I digress. . .

Right then and there we took out our mobile phones and connected on LinkedIn.  Not a business card, but an online business connection.

Try this:  Next time you meet a new contact don't exchange business cards.  Instead, link, follow or friend.


And if you are wondering just what I'm talking about you need to head over to my buddy Matt Rosen's blog and pick up a copy of 10 Social Media Secrets To Explode Your Real Estate Business. (Yes, it's a freebie.) You're gonna LOVE it!!

He's a busy guy but I'm hoping to twist his arm and get him on the phone to tell us all about how he's using social media in his real estate biz.  Stay tuned!

So, let me ask you . . . how do you connect?  Share your favorite strategy in the comment section below.

And thanks for reading!!